This February 2024, I-ACT will hold the first two legs of its workshop series which aims to help its INITIATE Grants Program partners make more meaningful, effective, and inclusive impact through their social and behavior change (SBC) campaigns. 

Together with subject matter experts, we aim to:

  • Help mainstream GEDSI — Strengthen knowledge and practices on Gender, Disability, and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) and co-design a GEDSI roadmap for each organization
  • Hold consultations on SBC and communications — Provide an avenue to discuss needs and co-design solutions through SBC and communications clinics
  • Check in on your progress — Catch up with project implementation and identify potential successes and challenges through monitoring check-ins
  • Help you reach your project’s SBC goals — Build skills in scaling up and expanding digital communities

To make the most out of these sessions, two members of each partner INITIATE organization are encouraged to attend: 1) Board/Executive Representative; and 2) Program Officer/GEDSI focal/Communications Staff. Click the links below the view the program and reserve a slot!

Note: While the program proper will span three days, we will allot the day prior to the start of the program for the arrival of participants and the day after the program closes for departure. In case you won’t be available for these dates or are not eligible for this workshop, please feel free to reach out to to stay updated on our upcoming events.

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