UPDATE (March 13, 2024) : We uploaded a version of the Safe Workplaces poster as an animated video, which comes as part of the downloadable packet. Feel free to play this on loop in your offices, aside from printing the posters!

Did you know: Under Republic Act 11313, employers are required to disseminate or display a copy of the Safe Spaces Act in offices. As we celebrate National Women’s Month this March 2024, join us in promoting safe spaces for women and all genders – starting within the workplace!

With permission from the Philippine Commission on Women, we’ve condensed their Safe Spaces Act brochure and turned it into a poster so that you and your colleagues at your office can have easy access to information about your rights, the responsibilities of employers, and help hotlines.

Download this free poster (along with printing specifications) here.

Promoting Safe Workplaces Starts with You!


  1. Ask your workplace to print a copy of the poster and display it in areas accessible to staff. The downloadable poster packet comes with a high-resolution copy of the poster as well as recommended printing specifications. It also includes an animated video containing the same information.

    Note: You are free to add your organization’s logo at the bottom of the second panel, but please inform us if you have any recommendations on the content, design, etc.

  2. Share this poster with your partners as part of your Women’s Month initiatives. As always, let’s join the cause and be an active rights advocate in the workplace! Share this resource with your partners within and outside the human rights sector!
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Title: Safe Workspaces Poster

Language: English

File size: 1.1 MB

Recommended printing specifications included in the packet

Did you print this poster in your workplace? Do you have comments? Feel free to send us suggestions to improve this resource at humanrightsph@asiafoundation.org.

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