Welcome home to the COMMUNE!

What is the Commune?

Learning, support, and care by and for the community

COMMUNE is a dynamic initiative that seeks to provide a safe, healthy, and resilient force of human rights workers, benefiting the Human Rights sector.

Why do we need Commune?

Effective + Affective Human Rights communciations

COMMUNE provides an avenue to co-design platforms and interventions that will empower human rights workers to network, engage in meaningful conversations, delve into vital discourses on relevant human rights issues, and share best practices in human rights advocacy.

What is Social Behavioral Change?

Nudging and shifting our way to change

Social & Behavior Change or SBC is the strategic, systematic, and targeted approach to Human Rights Advocacy, using theory, data-driven design, and evidence-based measurement.

Being part of the community

Our strength in our growing numbers and capactiy

COMMUNE is not just about individuals; it is about building a vibrant and connected community where members establish enduring connections and motivate each other to achieve greater accomplishments.

COMMUNE is a dynamic program which aims to strengthen the human rights community by providing a safe and collaborative environment anchored on social behavioral change-making.

COMMUNE also seeks to build a resilient force of human rights workers dedicated to advancing the Human Rights Sector as a whole.