Commune: GEDSi Learning Session

This handy reference provides key insights and terminology, offering a clearer understanding of queer and disability issues. Ideal for educators, advocates, and anyone committed to promoting inclusivity and equity.

COMMUNE is a dynamic program which aims to strengthen the human rights community by providing a safe and collaborative environment anchored on social behavioral change-making.

COMMUNE also seeks to build a resilient force of human rights workers dedicated to advancing the Human Rights Sector as a whole.

A briefer that contains a comprehensive summary of the study on How Human Rights Workers Survive under the Duterte Regime in the Philippines.

This primer covers quickly the what, why, and how to nudge narratives in resisting and advocating for change on human rights and democracy issues.

This I-ACT Quick Start Guide covers some factors to consider as you design your intervention for mobilizing support for human rights, and helping Filipinos in their behavior change journey.

Download the “Engagement Pyramid” printable poster to help you easily visualize engagement levels and tailor approaches in your campaigns.