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Deliberative Forums on Human Rights:

A Short Introduction

What happens when ordinary Filipinos are given the chance to discuss the Philippines’
campaign against illegal drugs in a context governed by norms of inclusiveness, mutual respect, and collaboration? What issues will they cover? Can they overcome hyper-partisanship and anti-intellectual discourses that have shaped the Philippine public sphere in the past few years? Can we count on the collective wisdom of ordinary people?

This manual, written by Bianca Ysabelle Franco and Nicole Curato, draws from the experience of a group of researchers and academics in implementing two deliberative forums on human rights from May to June 2021. Over three days, randomly selected Filipinos from all over the country coming from different walks of life were given the opportunity to listen to and engage with experts, deliberate with a diverse group of people about how the anti-illegal drugs campaign can be improved, and reflect on their own views.