We achieve scale and sustainability through the Philippine human rights community

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Training, funding, community building… and more!

To achieve scale and sustain impact, I-ACT collaborates with the human rights community in practicing Social and Behavior change across different levels.

Through our pathway of programs, we provide interdependent and parallel support to coalitions, organizations, and communications workers. Our multi-level support comprises training, seed funds, organizational strengthening, and community-building programs that aim to strengthen the entire sector in effectively advocating for human rights using SBC.

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Are you a human rights coalition aiming to strengthen your network?

Through TRANSFORM, we provide multi-year support to human rights coalitions to strengthen their internal systems and processes to become digitally empowered networks. We also work with coalitions in designing and implementing coalition-wide SBC communications (SBCC) campaigns.

Are you an organization seeking to enhance your advocacy approaches?

ADVANCE is I-ACT’s free and online SBC Training Program. Build your SBC knowledge and dive into core courses SBC 101 and Campaign Strategy, while focusing on topics human rights workers really need—targeting specific behaviors, expanding digital communities, and developing key messaging.

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Are you an organization curious to test and integrate behavior-based strategies?

After completing ADVANCE, you have an opportunity to apply your SBC skills in real-life settings by applying for grants. Through the INITIATE Grants Program, you can design and implement a human rights promotion project using SBC and expand your organization’s digital communities.

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Are you a communications worker looking for supportive and safe spaces?

Join COMMUNE and meet fellow communications workers in our regular assemblies and events! This community will enable you to share best practices, provide mutual support, and discuss sector-wide challenges. You can also gain access to resources you can readily use in your campaigns and advocacy work.

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